Printing service for 3D dress up figurines.

Printing service for 3D dress up figurines.

3D printing entertainment. “Value 3D Figure World” has 3 “D“s.

Scan the clients’ face with high speed scanner
and just choose their favorite costume and hairstyle on the spot.
We provide total solutions from 3D scanning to 3D printing out.

Value 3D Figure World means

Dramatic! Dream! Discover!

It is not digital photo, nor motion pictures. It is fantasy and reality at the same time! You will encounter with yourself which you have never seen before.

New entertainment world created by 3D printer.
You will be happy and will bring smile to face of your family and friends. Such happy dreams will be spread through the world.

You can choose from various costumes and hair styles which you want to transform into. Football players, baseball players, costume like bride and ethnic clothes are available.
You can find a new self.